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We are excited to welcome you to our professional short course in The Art of Chocolate Confectionery Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the creation of chocolates no experience necessary! During this course you will make the following: Chocolate Glaze Chocolate Ganache Praline Paste Chocolate Moulds – Praline Filled Hand Dipped Chocolates – Marzipan Filled Chocolate Flowers Chocolate Box In this programme you will learn the skills and techniques in: The Types of Chocolate The Correct Equipment & How to Use It How to Temper Chocolate Preparing Chocolate Moulding & Filling How to Decorate & Store Chocolate Methods of Chocolate Confectionary Tempering Couverture Coating of Chocolate Decorating & Garnishes How to Assemble Chocolate Confectionary Chocolate Quality, Cocoa & Cocoa Powder

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With this Certificate of Achievement, you will be able to: Create Your Own Signature Chocolate Work with one of the Finest Chocolatiers Impress your Friends and Family with your new Culinary Confidence & Skills Start your own Business and be your own Boss Turn your Hobby into a Full-Time Profession Display your Certificate of Achievement with Pride Course features Join a global community of online culinary students just like you Receive one on one tuition, mentoring and feedback with your Chef Instructor Fit your study programme into your own schedule Have access to all the course material required to complete the modules and assessments Graduate with real skills that will help you succeed in today’s competitive workplace Have a completed e-portfolio (online CV) and be ready to apply for the job you have always dreamed of Personal login to our Learner Management System No need to take time off to attend classes Access to our Hi-Contact teaching model designed to ensure successful course completion for all students Our online platform is exciting, interactive and user friendly Quality education online from any kitchen. Our team is on hand and ready to get you started in achieving your Culinary dreams! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our team is on hand to assist you with everything you may need.
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