Institute of Tourism Studies Malta (ITS)

Institute of Tourism Studies Malta (ITS)

Luqa, Malta

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The Institute of Tourism Studies is an institution of higher education aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Industry.
ITS was established in 1987 and consolidated by the Institute of Tourism Studies Act (2016) of the Laws of Malta. ITS' main responsibility is to provide the Tourism Sector with professional personnel who are able to guarantee an excellent standard of products and services within the Hospitality Industry.
Through ITS' innovative academic programmes the Institute of Tourism Studies seeks to prepare its students for a career in tomorrow’s tourism industry.
ITS directs its resources towards the development of inclusive learning programmes which facilitate technical, generic and behavioural skills and competencies, integrate theory and practice and promote modern leadership approaches.

Mission Statement
Quality learning to achieve excellence in tourism.

International Dimension
The Maltese islands have adapted themselves so readily to not only
visitors but also permanent residents of various cultures. The Institute of Tourism Studies is certainly a reflection of this tendency. Over the years, our student body has grown not only in size but also in cultural breadth, as we have embraced students from parts of the
world as diverse as France, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Poland and others. Our international students have could benefit from the combined friendliness of local students with whom they share cultural experiences and the opportunity to practice other languages.
The members of staff are, of course, also only too happy to have their classes replete with students who can relate to each other whilst celebrating their differences. It should also be mentioned
that the Institute of Tourism Studies welcomes not only students whose sojourn covers the entire programme of studies, but also, for instance, students who join as part of Erasmus Programmes. In this regard, the European Union offers a programme of funding under the name of Erasmus+.

Tourism and Hospitality
Tourism and hospitality can be viewed as almost part and parcel of the culture of the Islands of Malta; an inherent element of Maltese identity, one might say. Students of tourism in Malta can benefit from this heady mixture of innate hospitality and the well-developed infrastructure Tourism & Hospitality which supports the wide range of services available to visitors, who will discover a location which offers immersion in a rich history, colourful local fabric and linguistic accessibility, as well as exposure to an international clientele. The Islands of Malta, for example, provide an exciting destination for tourism related to marine, archaeological, folkloric, as well as sporting and leisure elements, to name but a few. Tourism is inseparable from the Maltese economic framework; indeed, it is the principal contributor to the local economy.
Due to the number of tourists from various parts of the world that visit our islands, many of whom also visit our on-campus restaurants, ITS students experience the true international dimension of our tourism industry. Moreover, students gain first-hand experience of the tourism and hospitality industry through the practical dimension of their studies, which forms an essential part of every single academic programme at the Institute of Tourism Studies.

    Number of Students
    International Students
    France, Poland, Nigeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Nigeria and others
    Main Languages in the Maltese Islands
    Maltese and English

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Where we're based
ITS Block A, Aviation Park, Aviation Avenue, Ħal Luqa LQA, Ħal Luqa 9023, Malta