Sami Elair Junior Operations Manager, TITANIC Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Sami is quite literally a born and bred hospitality professional. Following in the footsteps of his hotelier parents, Sami has developed a career in the industry for almost 15 years, the majority of which he has spent in Berlin. It’s a city he particularly enjoys, and it’s fair to say that he’s a bit of an expert on the market. According to him, his favorite aspect of his role is the ability to exchange with and mentor the younger generations working in the hotel. Every day is about learning, and whether you’re an intern or an experienced manager like Sami, everyone has their say when it comes to improving the guest’s experience, and their own.

What excites Sami about TITANIC?
In one word: opportunities. TITANIC is uniquely placed to offer their employees the real possibility of building a lifelong hospitality career in tandem with the growth of the group. TITANIC values its history and origins as a family business but they are very forward looking with regards to expansion. Sami feels that whilst starting in the buzzing TITANIC Gendarmenmarkt Berlin may be a first step, new TITANIC hotels opening in the coming years will offer young, energetic professionals the chance to reach higher career goals and explore new exciting opportunities in the future.

Why should you join TITANIC?
For industry talent, TITANIC genuinely provides a fresh outlook. With hospitality coursing through his veins, Sami has found a place that values everything he stands for. His energy and passion are mirrored in his team, and provide Sami and his fellow employees with great positive vision as they seize the opportunity to grow together with the group.

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