Veli Yildirim General Manager, TITANIC Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Veli has managed luxury establishments around the world from Portugal to Crete, he draws on these experiences as he brings his management expertise to the TITANIC Gendarmenmarkt Berlin hotel. This 208-room luxury Hotel is the perfect place for him to bring his personal touch as a leader and embrace the exciting opportunities the family-run group offers.

What excites Veli about TITANIC Hotels?
Above all, Veli appreciates the collaborative atmosphere and drive for innovation that come with working for this fresh, fast developing and progressive brand. His focus is on the future, and he wants to make sure the team is at the heart of the group’s continuing evolution.

Why should you join TITANIC?
Titanic is a brand that cherishes the history and individuality of each building it occupies, but also each staff member it employs. There’s a real emphasis on empowering employees to have a lasting impact on every guest experience as well as on the company. Empathy is at the core of Veli’s leadership philosophy, he wants to understand how employees feel and listen to their opinions so that together they can foster a constructive work environment where career growth is a reality for everyone.

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