Diploma in Pastry Innovation and Wellness

Diploma in Pastry Innovation and Wellness

Le Cordon Bleu ParisParis, France


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Course overview

The program is designed and delivered by professional Chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute in order to meet the current and future requirements of the pastry sector. The acquired skills enable students to offer healthy and balanced pastries in a professional setting. During the programme, students learn how to replace rich and sweet foods while maintaining their nutritional value.

What you will learn

Learn fundamental culinary preparation techniques and apply them to advanced pastry recipes Analyze innovative trends in pastry related to health, awareness of food waste and the choice of ingredients Create innovative pastry recipes, taking into account health recommendations Learn to play on the compositions of new ingredients and to associate them to highten the senses Understand the principles of ingredient substitution and the use of innovative products in making recipes Develop concepts through innovative applications and technologies Evaluate the result of the proposed concepts with a critical eye Create taste profiles and apply sensory analysis techniques in creating recipes Apply health, safety, hygiene and allergen standards in professional kitchens

Course details

Who is the course for?

Professionals wishing to gain knowledge of innovative pastry techniques and to be able to produce products corresponding to contemporary pastry trends.